Private and Online Psychotherapy Services

James Consulting Services, LLC offers private and online individual and family psychotherapy services in the state of New Jersey. Services include identifying and overcoming factors that affect progress in therapy. Dr. James works closely to set and achieve goals while learning the actual cause of emotional distress and behavioral problems.

James Consulting Services, LLC also assists individuals in identifying and refuting problem thoughts. Private and online psychotherapy services explore common mental mistakes that cause emotional distress and behavioral problems while assisting the individual in developing new, healthy thoughts and behaviors.

Through the practice of new, healthy thoughts and behaviors (to where they are automatic), individuals can work toward emotional insight in obtaining long term results. 

Interested in Private or Online Psychotherapy Services?

Contact our office at 201-514-2309 for details.

Mission Statement

We dedicate ourselves to the visualization of autonomy, justice, beneficence, and fidelity in providing meaningful help to culturally diverse populations receiving clinical services. 

It is our goal to engage and educate the individual and family in providing meaningful help in both feeling and getting better to culturally diverse populations.


We are an approved vendor to provide Intensive In-Community (IIC)  clinical services through the New Jersey Children’s System of Care ( CSOC) which is under the Division of Children and Families.

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