Mental Health Care and Intensive In-Community (IIC) Clinical Services

Welcome to James Consulting Services, LLC!

Thank you for visiting our page. We offer in depth information regarding mental health care and home based psychotherapeutic services for parents and others interested in learning more about Intensive In-Community (IIC)  psychotherapeutic services in the state of New Jersey.

In particular, we offer the following services:

  • Strength and Needs Assessments
  • Assisting the parent / child in developing accurate parent / family life goals
  • Exploring parenting goals for psychotherapy
  • Learning adaptive frustration tolerance
  • Learning stress reduction techniques
  • Learning problem solving skill development
  • Providing psycho-educational services
  • Developing an individualized crisis plan
  • Providing trauma informed counseling
  • Development and implementation of an individual service plan (ISP)
  • Individual , family and group counseling

Our approach to mental health care and IIC psychotherapeutic services were created after Dr. James' interviewed families regarding:

  • In home counseling experiences within the family
  • Cultural counseling competence in the family
  • Viewpoints of the home-based counseling experience

Families discussed their concerns with Dr. James regarding current home based psychotherapeutic providers and what they would like to see change in how services are implemented.

Moreover, Families reported the following major concerns with home based psychotherapists:

  • awareness of cultural differences
  • families' comfort in the session
  • time to understand the family needs
  • psychotherapist's counseling strategies in addressing goals

James Consulting Services, LLC is dedicated to providing information and assisting individuals in both feeling and getting better. Overall, the goal for James Consulting Services, LLC is to promote the use of effective psychotherapeutic approaches in assisting individuals achieve their goals. 

Mental Health Care and Professional Collaboration

We at James Consulting Services, LLC adhere to the following regarding professional collaboration and mental health care:

  • Providing and coordinating support with agency staff and participation as a part of the clinical team
  • Collaborating effectively with professionals from other disciplines that are also supporting the youth, including but not limited to: education, clinicians, physicians, etc...
  • Providing recommendations for referrals for medical, dental, neurological, other identified evaluations

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Mission Statement

We dedicate ourselves to the visualization of autonomy, justice, beneficence, and fidelity in providing meaningful help to culturally diverse populations receiving clinical services. 

It is our goal to engage and educate the individual and family in providing meaningful help in both feeling and getting better to culturally diverse populations.


We are an approved vendor to provide Intensive In-Community (IIC)  clinical services through the New Jersey Children’s System of Care ( CSOC) which is under the Division of Children and Families.

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